Blog Guidelines


Bladder Cancer invites scientists, clinicians, advocates, and people with bladder cancer to submit blog ideas for consideration. We strongly encourage those interested to reach out prior to drafting the post. Submissions should be sent to

  1. Blog posts must cover a topic important to bladder cancer research or the bladder cancer community.
  2. Blog posts will be reviewed by a journal editor and staff as well as external experts, as appropriate. Reviewers will provide the author with feedback.
  3. Blog posts should be factually and scientifically sourced and accurate. As appropriate, please provide citations with links.
  4. Blog posts may not be defamatory.
  5. The journal reserves the right to edit for grammar, length, clarity, and editorial style. Authors will be advised of edits prior to publication. As appropriate, the editor/journal may return the post for revisions prior to publication.
  6. Authors are asked to consider royalty-free artwork that may accompany their posts. The authors must be able to provide permission to the journal to use these images or otherwise provide proof that the images are royalty free (with or without accreditation).
  7. The suggested length for posts is 500 to 1500 words. For lengthy submissions, the journal reserves the right to suggest reducing length or split the article into multiple posts.
  8. The post title should be clear about the point of the post – what's in it for for the reader? How will they benefit by reading?
  9. We suggest including a call to action (for instance, by asking questions) and prompting the reader to “learn more”.
  10. We suggest thinking in terms of a broader story. What motivated you to start the feature?
  11. Authors retain copyright on their content and may reproduce it elsewhere. The journal Bladder Cancer/IOS Press retains the right to use the content on promotional materials for the journal. We encourage authors to share the post from its location on the Bladder Cancer website.

The first published guest blog post will be available soon here.